Customizable Fleet Cards

We know that your fleet does not operate on a pre-built model and your fueling needs are specific to your business. That why our Fuelz Fleet Cards are completely customizable to best serve your needs and your drivers. Whether you want to restrict usage or monitor spending habits, our cards save you money at the pump today and help you keep the bottom line over time.Fleet Cards | Customized Fleet Cards | Fuelz

Our fleet cards offer different levels of customization across all of our benefits, whether it’s payment structure, reporting issues, volume discounts or even what card network you want to use. No matter what your fleet’s needs may be, you’ll have the convenience and support of a nationwide fueling network.

Our customization options include:

Hands-on Management Solutions–Be in control of your fleet and its spending. With a Fuelz fleet card, you’re guaranteed to have the most up-to-date and accurate reporting information you need to maintain a successful fleet. We offer solutions to make sure you are consistently updated on all of your fleet’s transactions, so you know where your money is going and how it can be better managed.

Real-Time Exception Alerts–Stop fleet spending issues before they become a costly problem. Our Fuelz fleet cards send you emergency email notifications as well as updates on spending so you can maintain control of your fleet’s spending habits and cut out excess expenses.

Customizable Purchasing Limits–Customize your purchasing limits to match your fleet’s needs. You can limit spending by time of day, day of the week or gallons per week with many more ways to delegate your fuel dollars according to your schedule. These limits stop unauthorized spending, keeping money in your pocket where it belongs.

Flexible Options–Get what you need when you need it. Choose from multiple purchase options for your Fuelz fleet card that can be adjusted at any time to fit your fleet. Add on new restrictions as you see fit and make sure you don’t overpay for services you aren’t using. We give you the flexibility you were looking for to help you adapt to fluctuating gas prices and ever-changing routes.

Why Is Fleet Card Flexibility Needed?

The size of truck fleets can complicate the simplest transactions. As a result, it’s easy for problems to arise unnoticed and drain your expenses. The ability to customize will allow you to keep up with any issue and re-work your fleet plan to meet your fluctuating needs.

Here are some situations where having an easily customizable plan can be beneficial to you as a fleet manager:

Unauthorized Spending–Many gas stations also have stores so drivers can get a quick snack before heading back on the road. Fleet drivers may get a couple of items while fueling, with each item costing $1-$2. While this doesn’t seem like much, the cost grows for every fleet member and every visit. Our fleet cards add extra flexibility so you can stop unauthorized spending before it even starts. We have options that require the card to only be used for fuel, so your drivers don’t use it for their own personal needs instead.

Overfueling–When fueling, it’s easy for your drivers to spill the gasoline. Spilling too much gas not only creates a mess, but can cost your fleet a lot of money in the process. If you catch your driver overspending on gas and overfueling the truck, you can control how much gasoline your driver uses. Set custom settings so your driver can only spend a specific amount of money to get a certain amount of gas. This prevents you from overpaying for spilled fuel, saving you money.

It’s easy to overlook various costs at the time of the fuel purchase, but it becomes much more noticeable over time. Don’t be a victim to these costs and save money with a Fuelz fleet card.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. When you sign up for a Fuelz fleet card, you’ll have one-on-one conversations with our representatives to assess the needs of your fleet and build the perfect card for you.

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