Fuelz Universal Card

Time is a valuable resource for fleet managers and this makes streamlining reporting a top priority. That’s why Fuelz has partnered with WEX to bring you the Fuelz Universal Card Universal fleet fuel cards from Fuelz help managers free up administrative resources and save time by providing easy to access monitoring and reporting tools.

Fleet managers can track card activity in one place by simply logging into their account online. You can conveniently monitor transactions and see what driver purchased what fuel, when and where the purchase was made, and for how much. Transaction details include specifics such as the driver’s name; date, time and location of each transaction; and the type of fuel product purchased. You can also see odometer readings for each vehicle in the fleet, the number of gallons purchased; the price per gallon and the total purchase amount. You can also keep track of fuel efficiency by viewing miles per gallon and cost per mile metrics.

These customizable reporting features give fleet managers the flexibility to report on the metrics that matter most to their company, forecast fuel expenditures, and make adjustments as needed to stay on track with company budget goals.

Maintain Control and Security with a Fleet Fuel Card

Limiting your company’s exposure to unauthorized purchases is a smart way to curb costs.

Fuelz’ Universal card provides fleet managers with a fuel card option designed with control and security in mind.

Each vehicle in your fleet is assigned a card and each driver is given an identification number.

Odometer readings and driver identification numbers are collected each time fuel is purchased with the Fuelz Universal card.

Managers can prevent unauthorized purchases by setting limits on transactions for each individual driver. This feature allows fleet managers to limit what drivers buy, where they buy it, and how much they spend using company resources. You can also place restrictions on hours of the day, days of the week, dollar amount, and frequency of purchases made with the fleet fuel card.

With these limits in place, managers can be assured drivers are using the cards for approved purposes. Additionally, purchase notifications alert you to potential spending issues right away, before they become serious problems for your drivers and your company.

Benefit from Cost Savings and Customer Support with a Fleet Fuel Card

The Universal fleet card from Fuelz enables fleet managers and their drivers to purchase fuel more efficiently. Streamlining and optimizing the fuel purchasing process makes it easier for fleet managers to achieve cost savings for their company. Fuelz Universal fleet cards are universally accepted at thousands of fueling stations and truck stops nationwide.

Plus, Universal fleet fuel cards from Fuelz feature customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This makes getting answers to any questions related to your account fast and convenient.

The Universal card from Fuelz makes it easy for fleet managers to meet the needs of their drivers and save money for their companies. Contact Fuelz today to get start benefitting from our innovative partnership with WEX.